Sims 4
How to install Houses, Rooms & Sims  Como instalar Casas / Cómodos ou Sims 

No vídeo explico, passo a passo como instalar uma Casa, um Cómodo ou um Sim. Se tiverem alguma dúvida poderão colocar todas as vossas perguntas nos comentários do vídeo, que eu tentarei ajudar.

In the video I explain, step by step, how to install a House a Room or a Sim. If you have any doubt, you can put all your questions in the comments of the video, I will try to help. Although the video is in Portuguese, has the steps written in English.

Podem encontrar o Programa para extrair ficheiros aqui...
You can find the program to extract the files here:

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  1. hi, i've already download the house content and put files for mods ad tray in every spesific folder. but when i open my librray in sims4, you're dowloaded content is shown but there's notif which says : could not locate this item.

    Do you know the solution ? Thanks a lot