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First of all, I do not have enough words to thank you for your affection. All the donations that have been offered to us have been channeled to Carolina. In fact when they are so young, all the clothes, footwear, etc. stops serving in a few moments. And even the toys have to have an upgrade, to continue to be interesting :) So my dear friends ..... THANK YOU !!!

As surely some of you already know, I have been more absent because we recently moved from home :) We left the city and look for a house with yard so that Carolina can grow  up without being inside of "four walls".

The house we bought is not new and as such we had to do some remodeling. However, financially it was not possible to reshape everything we wanted and in that sense, the next step will be the window and outside cover of our princess's room. This will have a total cost of 470€. 

I know it's a lot. We are not expecting this value in donations, but any help is always welcome and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We will not stop buying a treat from time to time for our princess, however the main focus will be this. The most important thing will be her comfort before the next winter.

There is the option of donation or sponsor. To anyone who wants to offer a toy, I also leave the list we created on Amazon.

🍭 Donate option available here in the blog (Check the left side of the Blog). At the end of the transaction, do not close the window. You will be redirected to download my folder mods. It was the way I found to thank you and at the same time to return the affection because I know how much you like my folder Mods. (If there is a problem with the download, please send me an email

The objects are different in both folders, if you want all my objects you need to download both folders. Please don`t install all at once in your game, both folders have almost 20GB of CC.

First Donate Botton is My first mods folder 
Second Donate Botton is my New Mods Folder 
Some of you ask me to make a new Mods folder, with new objects that I use - July 12, 2018

🍭 Be an official sponsor of the channel:

🍭 Amazon Baby List:

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts all your help. Thank you so much for your love.

With Love,


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  2. your donations for the 10 and 20 amount don't work ;(

  3. I know you work hard on your creations I do thank you, I would be more willing to donate if I could get someone to make CC specifically for me I have a huge list of things I want. I dont want what everyone else has but I dont know how to create my own

  4. Click the image to download it? You mean buy the mods folder then download it? Because I'm not paying for something you didn't even make

  5. hi dinha, i think its very rude of you to earn money of other ppl work, since the mods folder is not made by your creations, if the creators be aware of this, you can get in trouble... be safe :•)

  6. wait so in order to get your cc, that you didn't make, I have to give you money? That's silly

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  8. so you want people to pay YOU for the hard work of OTHERS? doesn't this go against the TOU of most creators? Disgusting; maybe..perhaps.. i dunno... find a real job and support your family yourself wth???? :/