Carolina Baby Shower - January / February (Donations)

Thank you so much my dears:

- Anna Chushparova
- Sybille Logiewa
- Kimberly Schultz
- Lanae Braswell
- Michell Catlett
- Shazmine Williams
- Rachael Morris
- Amelia Craig
- John Ritchie
- Natalija Dvornik
- Cristina Muñoz Morales

- 보람 장
- Camille Combaud
- kintara Cousins
- Emma Reid
- Michael Reed
- Elina Carey
- Evella
- Dana Manning
- Anita Phifer

With your donations here on the blog, we bought these carpet and lamp  for our little princess  Carolina will love it. Thanks so much for your love.
This time we chose to join the donations of the two months and buy something that lasts longer. It is with great love that I will tell my daughter that the gifts were offered by the friends that her mother has on her Youtube channel. Once again, thank you!!! There are no words to express my gratitude for having you in my life.


Would you like to send a present to our little baby? Check here how to do it!!! At the end of the transaction do not close the window because you will find a surprise.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With love,