Baby Shower - March / November (Donations)

Thank you so much my dears:

- Howard French

- Lezley Brand
- Alexis Lana
- Beata Szczesna
- Kimberly Cunningham
- Trenia Lane
- Megan Wright
- Bonita Thoza
- Destani Morse
- Evella
- Danna Manning
- Leticia Silva
Местникова Елизавета 

With your donations here on the blog, we bought these Activity Mat for our little princess Carolina love it. Thanks so much for your love.

She will be doing 9 months in December and continues to love the activity rug. I'm sorry I did not thank you sooner, but it's been difficult to manage my time: D


Would you like to send a present to our little baby? Check here how to do it!!! At the end of the transaction do not close the window.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With love,